A Horse Walking…That’s where these rhythms come from


“A Horse Walking…That’s where these rhythms come from.”  


You can hear Stevie Ray Vaughan talking about this on the recording “SRV Speaks” on the album “Couldn’t Stand the Weather”.  It’s worth the listen.  

Stevie says, "I don't know if a lot of people realize today that a lot of music that came out years gone by, I don't know that it's so much this way now, but it seems to me, that music used to be more based on common everyday occurrences like a train sound going down the track, someone walking down the street, things like that. A horse walking. You know that's where these rhythms came from."  

So true.  

You can see the rhythm of a horse as it walks. You can feel the rhythm of the horse as you ride.   

That’s why horses and music go well together.   

I love spending my time with horses and music and friends and family.   

Nothing better.

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So, here's to good art & good horses; good people & good lives.




P.S.  That's our daughter, Amanda Catherine Buster O'Brien.

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