a wild roller coaster ride...

Being with Ray Wylie Hubbard is like being on a wild roller coaster ride that goes from rocking to funny to serious and everything in between.


Here we're talking  about...well I guess I can't really say what we were talking but anyway sometimes with his work Ray Wylie is:


"And the days that I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations  
Well, I have really good days" 


"Sometimes Ramona calls me up   
And says come on down here, it's getting warm   
She runs everybody off   
And we...you know...it's a snake farm "


"And the message I give you is from this old poet Rilke  
He said "Our fears are like dragons guarding our most precious treasures". 

Funny...but serious 

"He was born in Oklahoma  
And his wife's name is Betty Lou Thelma Liz  
He's not responsible for what he's doing  
His mother made him what he is 

It's Up against the wall Redneck Mother..."




And in songs he doesn't waste any time. He has you interested in just a few words... 

"When I was a young man  
About 21 years old y'all  
All I wanted was a stripper girlfriend  
And a Gold Top Les Paul  
Be careful of the things you wish for  
You might get 'em 

There was a night club in Dallas...".

If you want the rest of the story you need to go listen to Ray's song "Mother Blues :)


it's a privilege to have such talented friends. - Travis

PS & with Ray that's Lucas Hubbard and Kyle Schneider on drums. Mighty mighty talented too.




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