Concerts, studio recording, play dates

What a privilege, what a blast. Feeling thankful lately.

First, thanks to everyone that helped raise the funds for Sasha with the benefit concert.  $2300+ was raise to help this dear family with their fight against leukemia which $2300 is a drop in the bucket to the medical costs of fighting leukemia but your $2300 cash goes aways
 to the many expenses like hotels and meals and the list goes on.  Thanks again.

studio recording.. Studio owner Wes Sharon, really good  Wendy as producer really good; me keeping up and having a great time.  No target date for releasing the album. There are some rough recordings on the site player now. There's some cool stuff coming out of Wes' place - Studio 115. check out John Fullbright for one.

for now were kinda focusing the music stuff on the album and Wendy will be setting up some play dates after.  well more later.

115 Recording Studio

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