"Loss" & Why It's Not a Depressing Album Title or At Least Why We Don't Mean It to Be

The album we are working on we have decided to call "Travis Buster Solo Acoustic Volume 1" and we subtitled it "Loss".  Now by "Loss" we don't mean only down and out nothing is going right so the world might as well end types of stuff, although at times life seems that way and so do some of these songs.  But you know life has a lot of loss.  In the liner notes we said "Songs about the love of life and that intruder called loss that we try to avoid, but can't. Loss of our youth, death of loved ones, break ups, divorces, estranged family members, loss of friendships, loss of happiness, loss of trust, the loss of the love of life itself...the list goes on. Simply sharing and knowing we're not alone helps with healing & hope. So we share this album called "Loss" to help us all in the love of life. ~ Travis & Wendy"

I don't know if that makes sense to others that, dealing with loss would help us in the love of life but it does make some sense to Wendy & I.  I'm not trying to belittle losses and I'm sure not saying they are a good thing.  And I am not glad they happen.  No, I think loss is tough.  Some of it really tough. That's one reason it shows up so much in music, especially my music.  I'm trying to deal with this intruder the best way I can and for me that includes music. Pain in. Music out. And then hopefully, as Plato once said "Music gives life to everything." Wendy & I didn't actually start out to give the album a purpose but it sure is serving a purpose which is to help me and and maybe even help others.  I don't know about that helping others part  but I have to write it anyway so it would be nice if  it helps others too. So here's to the continued pursuit of the love and beauty of life. Losses or not.

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  • Evert White
    Evert White Muscatine, IA
    Both your thoughts and meanings I think will affect many.

    Both your thoughts and meanings I think will affect many.

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