Mornings They're Hard - What all do you tell ?

We put another song & story on the website   Mornings They're Hard I stress over what's good to share, what's not mine to share, what I'm going to share whether people like or not cause it happened to me.  I put a lot of thought into such things.

Like in Mornings They're Hard, the song came just after we had been with friends that experienced a tremendous loss. But the song didn’t just come from that loss.  It came from 50 years of losses I’ve felt and seen. But this loss was the tipping point that caused the song to come out. So is the song about their loss? Yes.  Is it only about their loss? No.  Is it the losses I’ve felt?  You bet.  Is about the losses you’ve felt?…well I guess that’s what it comes down to.  Guy Clark has said you have to leave blanks in the songs for people that are listening to fill in and I think I get that a little bit.  If Mornings They're Hard tells a story we can feel but just enough to where you and I can fill in our own loss and then somehow make us feel better… I guess that’s what I want. For you..and me to feel better.  Hope it helps. - Travis

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