"No, I'm Not Robert Earl Keen" :)

As they listen, I usually try to transport people to somewhere in my songs. 

Kind of like the transporter beam in Star Trec...except there's no Scotty. And no Captain Kirk. And no transporter beam. But still...

Like in El Blanco.  I hope you feel like you're with Juan as we ride into his sad destiny. 

Robert Earl Keen is really good at this and he is pretty much a saint where we come from, as Ray Wylie Hubbard says. 

His, "Feeling Good Again", is a great transporter song. 

We get to walk right along with Robert Earl as he walks into this little bar. He just takes you with him and you see everybody, and you feel like everybody there knows you. 

And it makes you feel good. 

Speaking of Robert Earl Keen... 


I was backstage with Robert Earl Keen after one of his shows and this young lady walked up and wanted her picture taken with me...not Robert Earl. 

Well I was feeling mighty flattered, so I said yes and Robert Earl sorta smiled and stepped aside. 

As the person was taking our picture the young lady says to me "You played really well tonight." 

Confused I say "I didn't play tonight.  It was Robert Earl Keen's show." 

"You're not Robert Earl Keen?" 

"Well, no I'm not Robert Earl Keen." 

She turned red and walked off. 

"Wait! I'm sure Robert Earl will be glad to have a picture with you.", I said as she walked away. 

She just kept walking. 

But I still smiled because for just a little while there, I was feeling mighty flattered :)

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