Sharing is Optional

Monday 6/8/15
There is so much more to doing music than just the music.  There's a lot to the part that isn't art.  Or maybe it is all art, just in a different way.
Yesterday I managed to get the story written for "Is That Too Much To Ask", and I'm pleased with it. So is Wendy.  I worked on it over several days and it didn't seem to come together. Then yesterday it did.
I discuss the process of writing the story. Then the I tell the background stories, which are "proof" that the stories are real.  I detail the issues that these stories confront.  I site a good reference. There is some humor. I give reason for some hope.
Then I thank Lourdes, who is a fan.  But I'm doing more than thanking her for the video she made.  It is me being happy that sharing the song must be worth it because she gets the song and wants to work to share it.  I think when that occurs it makes the sharing worth it. 
I have to write songs like I have to breath. It's that simple. Pain and pleasure in, music and stories out.  It is the way I am made. I write them and then I want to play them for Wendy right away.
But I don't have to share them with other people.  Sharing is optional.   I never write a song and then wonder if it was worth doing. I just do it. But after I share a song, in a performance or in a discussion, I usually wonder if it was worth sharing.  Did they get it?  Do they care?  Does it help them at all like it does me? That's where people like Lourdes and others come in. When someone else gets the work and then even works to share it with others, I think it must be worth sharing. 


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