This dog's still trying to learn new tricks..

Travis and Frodo at Caddo Lake State Park

Wendy talked with Wes, the owner of the studio where we're recording our album, yesterday and they set a date in March when we're going to try to finish recording songs for the album.  The plan is for it to be a simple raw type of recording that is pretty much what we do in the live shows.  We'll leave the flashiness to Miley Cyrus, which everyone seems to agree is a good idea and I don't think anyone is missing out by not seeing me swinging on a big ball and chain anyway.

Pretty much just me and a piano. We have to finalize the songs we're going to do & determining the tempo we'll use on each song is somewhat confusing. Slow, or really slow.  Fast, or really burn down the barn fast.  As my friend Ray Wylie says you get more attention burning down the barn than taking out the trash. But the thing is that I get a lot of comfort from writing songs that take the trash out of my life. So we'll see.

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