We all need a push ever now & then 

When I was a little kid I'd go to the park and there was this swing that had a frame  made of big grey steel pipes and you sat in this black rubber strip that was suspended by long brown chains that reached way way up.
I'd run and kind of jump to get in the seat but that only worked so much.  I'd struggle to tuck my knees under and push my legs out but sometimes I was just flopping. But, if another kid would give me a push...then I could really make it go.  Then I could lean back and stretch my legs out and go higher and higher as I flew towards the sky.
But this is not a song about swinging. Well it is a little bit about swinging but mostly it's about remembering the good things in life. The joy of swinging, helping others, smiling and watching them smile. 
After hearing "Swing" a fan told me, "Thanks for the push".  What a wonderful comment.  Makes me think it was worth writing. Thank you for the push Melva Garrett-Campbell. We all need one every now & then ;)

Swing - Lyrics

I was feeling down just the other day
What was wrong I couldn’t say
I was sitting by myself on a bench
In the middle of a park
An old man was watching the children play
Smiling like he could be there all day
The sun was shining bright on him
I was in the dark
He said, son I like to watch these children play
It reminds me of me back in my day
I’d swing
I’d sit down in that swing
A friend would give me a push
I’d feel the wind and I’d feel the whoosh
I’d start to swing
I’d swing.
Then he’d push a little harder
And get a running start
He’d run under my legs and out into the park
And I’d swing
Then I’d lean way back and I’d go so high
I felt like I could almost fly
I’d swing
He said you know son life’s like that
Sometimes you’re down and you’re feeling flat
And you just need someone to give you a push
Or maybe it’s someone else that’s down
And it’s your turn to push them now
To help them swing
Sit down here son and I’ll give you a push
You’ll feel the wind, you’ll feel the whoosh
You’ll start to swing
Then I’ll push a little harder
And get a running start
Run under your legs
And out into the park
And you’ll swing
Then you’ll lean way back
And you’ll go so high
You’ll feel like you could almost fly
You’ll swing

image credit: Steve S.

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