What Music Gives Me: "Insight Courage Endurance"

Yep, that's pretty much what we need. This is one of Wendy's doodles from reading Carl Jung. Wendy has cool thoughts. 

Carl Jung saw that the work to become a nice person has three parts: Insight; Courage; Endurance…

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A Horse Walking…That’s where these rhythms come from


“A Horse Walking…That’s where these rhythms come from.”  


You can hear Stevie Ray Vaughan talking about this on the recording “SRV Speaks” on the album “Couldn’t Stand the Weather”.  It’s worth the listen.  


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Great music often tells me... 

Great music connects us with ourselves and with each other. 

Carl Jung was a contemporary of Sigmund Freud. They mainly differed in that Jung thought there was evidence of a collective unconscious. An unconsciousness that virtually everyone shared…

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a wild roller coaster ride...

Being with Ray Wylie Hubbard is like being on a wild roller coaster ride that goes from rocking to funny to serious and everything in between.


Here we're talking  about...well I guess I can't really say what…

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Grit & Grace

grit & grace...this is video pretty cool... I'm playing a Steinway concert grand piano in the Poor David's show in Dallas on 4/30/16. Hope to see you there.

Video of Pianos are grit & grace...


I'm working on adding some of books that have impacted the music. Like.. Letter's To a Young Poet by Rilke. "Can you avow that you would die if you were forbidden to write? And if it should ring its assent…Read more


Went to Steinway Hall in Dallas and picked the piano for the Poor David's show on 1/16. I love going there. Great pianos Great people.


I wrote Shine thinking about two people falling in love.  Actually Wendy & I falling in love.


and the beauty of Mirandola, the Italian from the 1400’s & his  "Dignity of Man".


Now before you…

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Happy Ain't Easy

A musician friend of mine, John Fullbright, says "Somebody tell me, what's so bad about happy" in his song "Happy". Well that got me to thinking, which many people think is a dangerous thing for me to do, what is…

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Facing our fears, and claiming our treasures.

To paraphrase Mark Twain, "There are two types of people: Those that know they have fears to face and those that are liars." But that also means we all have treasures to claim...

I keep everything I have left from…

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