Travis is working in the studio on a new CD! 


You can preview some of the songs plus more at the bottom of this page.


You can also check out some of his videos on YouTube here.

"The tears are rolling down my face. Sung from the heart." George... "I love the passionate way your music flows. I feel every note" Debbie.. "The great vulnerability of the heart broken wide open" Bruce.. "The Best cover of this Song I have heard" Mark.. "Gave me. Cold chills. Piano talent awesome" Sandy All 3 versions are beautiful, but Travis is my favorite. Phillip Your song touches the soul. Joe I am in love with Travis Buster. I am a new disciple.! I love your amazing talent. Gay The best song i have heard in a long time. Amazing truthful absolutely truth touched my heart and soul. Carol Just listened, and I mean listened. Provided a little escape from the constant thinking about everything. I truly enjoyed it. Like soft rain on the water. Thank you very much. Christy Stopped what I was doing, poured myself my first cup -- and listened... Thank you, Travis. Bruce Crazy that it would feel good to make people cry but some folks can not cry until someone like you hits that note and their heart softens. Kerry This is my song.. Reached deep into my soul. Brenda