It just pours out of him. So beautifully peaceful. Pam 


I know one thing. That cat right there does a better Townes Van Zandt than Townes Van Zandt. Wayland 


I felt all the feels on this one Kathryn  


Beyond beautiful!!  I could listen, non-stop for days!!! Myronna 


like the wind your song is wistful and haunting Rose 


Sad but oh so beautiful! Pam 


Such depth in the words. I can hear the feeling! Dorothy 


Absolutely the BEST version of  Townes Van Zandt  I have ever heard Kenneth 


The tears are rolling down my face! Sung from the heart!! George 


 I love the passionate way your music flows. I feel every note when I listen to you play. Debbie 


The great vulnerability of the heart broken wide open. Bruce 


The Best cover of this Song I have heard. Mark  


Gave me. Cold chills! Piano talent awesome. Sandy 


All 3 versions are beautiful, but indeed Travis's is my favorite.  Phillip 


you're song touches the soul. Joe 


I am in love with Travis Buster. I am a new disciple.! I love your amazing talent. Gay 


The best song i've heard in a long time. Amazing truthful absolutely truth touched my heart and soul. Carol 


Just listened, and I mean listened. Provided a little escape from the constant thinking about everything. I truly enjoyed it. Like soft rain on the water. Thank you very much. Christy 


Stopped what I was doing, poured myself my first cup -- and listened... Thank you, Travis. Bruce 


Crazy that it would feel good to make people cry but some folks can't cry until someone like you T., hits that note and their heart softens. Wasn't it William James who said........ " first tears come, then we know we are sad". Sure beats anger...I said that! Kerry


This is my song.. Reached deep into my soul. Brenda 


Travis is wonderful at what he does! Love it Jean 


Genius Paula  


Lots of depth, but simple, & stays in your head afterward! Aaaamen! Makes you think. I love it! Bruce Talent beyond belief!! SIMPLY AMAZING! Krissy 


Used to think only Vince Gill could sing ballads!!! You are great Travis, love your songs, music and voice.. Mimi 


Bravo!! Jean 




I Love all of the music i've heard thus far Of Travis.... He's absolutely Marvelous! Glenda 


Omgosh, that was Incredible! Sherri 


Brings me peace Arwyn 


Solace for the soul Elizabeth 


Just keep playing please Vicki 


Elegant. Zak 


Bravo, Bravo! James 


Beautiful song! Sad...I can really relate. Susan 


The controlled intensity in his singing and the abandon in his playing is a wonderful combo.. Shawn 


Travis does this beyond beautifully Eayan 


As all the others i've listened to, I love it, Pam 


Lovely....soothing and beautiful. Judith 


This was so powerful and so true. It really touched me  Sandy 


This is wonderful lyrics, this has put emotions to some similar situations in my life. Danny 


He really sung that song from his heart Carolyn 


This song is very emotional and beautiful Joan 


Wow, just WOW!  Pam 


What a "strong message" delivered in lyrics.  John 


Masterful expression of such powerful truth Lela 


Just O MY GOSH Pansy 


Dude... Just Dude... Such a strong way to say it  Julie 


Beautiful.Damaged souls and hope  Teresa 


I need to listen to more!  Mary 


Woo, great stuff,  Ed 


Townes was a national treasure, and your cover honors his memory and gives it new life. Bruce 


I'm memorized! Your voice is wonderful, loved the song.  Kay 


Pure excellent as always Paula 


Makes me wish I took piano lessons as a kid. Tom 


Wow, wow, wow!! Elli 


I'm glad to hear you carrying his (Townes) music forward in a beautiful way!  Jaye  


Bravo! Dave 


Lov Travis Buster’s attitude! Louetta 


Beautiful and calming Mary Jane 


Serene! Patricia 


Hauntingly beautiful Joan 


Absolutely calming and beautiful! Allyson 


Soothing I fell asleep to this Denise 


Loved your version of the great Townes Van Zandt's Tecumseh Valley. Outstanding. Joe 


You are an inspiration Travis. Ronnie 


I am so glad to have discovered this talent. John 


You know your way around a piano. Carducci 


You know your way around a piano. Sandy 


Looks to be Worth a trip East to Dallas! Mark (big compliment form someone from FT Worth) 


I understand. .....tears Ruth  


Wow.... Something to think about Diane 


Very powerful  Russell 


Wow awesome!! Rosey 


Wow! Hope to hear more here of this artist. Maureen 


TOUCHES the heart Joyce 


Love this song you sing it so beautifully brought tears to my eyes  Linda 


Beautifully played, deeply felt Deborah 


Great words / you hit the life of someone/ also like I said before Travis your playing is so clean that helps bring the story out Tyson 


So much going on with this, truly – Bret 


Love it but makes me sad.... Lori 


Hauntingly beautiful... Vicki 


Makes my heart happy! Elaine 


Absolutely beautiful. Glenda 


I don't know your story but I love that song  Mindy 


Amazing!!!!...well-done!!! Karen 


Travis you sang this beautifully. Made me cry, IT does bring back memories. Robin 


You play the piano so beautifully... It's mesmerizing Cindy 


Thought provoking, poetic and beautiful as so many of your songs are. Loved it. Lourdes 


Really awesome Cher 


It brings to mind certain scenes of my life,..I love it! Lori 


Genius Adina 


Great playing and a great voice Peter 


This guy is AWESOME! Rodeny 


Beautiful...I imagine the sentiment touches a lot of hearts reminding them of does mine. Barbarra 


Place honest vulnerability as the beautiful thing that it is. Scott 


I do not remember her (my date) being as excited as she was explaining to me the quality of the 4 finger independent picking Travis performed on the guitar. Charles 


Can hear his heart cry! Gloria 


I agree with Wendy". Travis is a poet like a Leonard Cohen, with a smooth, easy voice and romantic charm of a Tony Bennett, vivid, memorable songwriting craft of a Bob Dylan, sprinkle in some Guy Clark and layer all that on piano chops in a league of their own. He is an original."  Tom

Travis ... The musician, the poet, the vocalist, pianist, the extraordinary person Paula 

Hit so close to home for me. Sandy 


Beautiful song,with alot of meaning.. Elizabeth 


Powerful lyrics Alexa 


Wow! Fantastic! Sherry 


I could envision the sun rising...Sue 


Do yourself a favor. Listen to this. Listen to the words he sings. Then listen to how he sings them. I pray that someday, I can write a story this moving. Maybe. Someday. Wayland Long, Author 

Quotes are from posts on Travis’ Facebook page.  They are unsolicited.