A new love song in progress

Hey, this is Wendy.  
I love seeing and hearing the birth of a new song, especially a love song and I thought someone else may be interested in seeing a new song progress.  While we were alone for a while in Vail, we had been talking about the brevity of life and life obstacles and the need to really enjoy the moment because it isn't going to last. A few minutes later, Travis was serenading me at the piano and thus began this song.  Sounds like something that Tony Bennett would like, I know I sure do.  ~ Wendy

Lyrics so far:

I see you right now
I hear what you say
The noises of life
Have all faded away
But it’s not going to last
It’s not going to stay
I don’t know about tomorrows
But we have today
So smile your smile
Let me love you
As if this were the last.


  • Emmett Sole
    Emmett Sole Lake Charles, LA & Taos, NM
    This is a HIT....

    This is a HIT....

  • Travis Buster
    Travis Buster
    Thank you, Emmett. It was great to meet you all.

    Thank you, Emmett. It was great to meet you all.

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