Crazy Operatic Tailgating... & Congratulations Joe!

             first off ...Bravo Maestro ! 

Our friend, Joe Illick has been named the Artistic Director of the Fort Worth Opera! 

Joe's a good guy and a lot of fun. He and his lovely and equally crazy wife, Gina introduced us to Operatic Tailgating in Santa Fe.  It's sort of like a tailgating party at a football game except, well maybe crazier.

You go to the opera early and you....have a tailgate party :)

Take a good look at that food. Now that's tailgating.  Courtesy of Joe & and his equally fun, talented and crazy wife, Gina.



that's Joe about to fight the bull ;)

                                                                                                         and the gorgeous diva, Gina



Music of many types influences my work. I've been playing some of this operatic stuff since I was 9.


It will be great fun to see what operatic mischief Joe arranges at the Bass in Fort Worth.

Congratulations Joe!

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