What song goes where?

What song in what order on the album? Does it even matter these days…with playlists and ripping? 

I think it does. 

We're thinking: 

  • Cry (If We Were Vampires), 
  • then get emotional ? ( Towns Van Zandt’s Tecumseh Valley ) , 
  • then get really sad (Maybe), 
  • then do a few songs that are sweet sad stories, 
  • then say yeah but nobody really knows about life anyway so just sing along to this final happy little sad song ? 

This is Wendy working with George to finalize the songs orders.

All this thought seems a waste because when people get the album they will just put it in whatever playlist order they want anyway. Oh Well. 

As long as they don’t rearrange Willie’s “Red Headed Stranger” Album.  That would be a sacrilege ?


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