iTunes and horses and a great way to work

Checking on the new album as it goes on sites; horse stuff; lunch with Wendy... nothing better 

October 5, 2018 is when the new album will be available world wide on these sites and more. 




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What are replicators you might ask?

Wendy’s been working away with the replicators. 

What are replicators you might ask? 

You give them one copy they give you bunches back. 

But first, boy is the devil in the details in this process. 

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What song goes where?

What song in what order on the album? Does it even matter these days…with playlists and ripping? 

I think it does. 

We're thinking: 

  • Cry (If We Were Vampires), 
  • then get emotional ? ( Towns Van Zandt’s Tecumseh…
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I think she likes what she hears…

Wendy is listening to the songs from the CD Image of the next album.

The person mastering the songs, George, sent them to us. 

These are the actual images that will be sent to the CD manufacturer. 

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Great music comes from the imposters...

Stressful times. Good times. 

Success and failure.

The “imposters” according to the poet Rudyard Kipling. 

"If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;    

    If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;    

If you…

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"No, I'm Not Robert Earl Keen" :)

As they listen, I usually try to transport people to somewhere in my songs. 

Kind of like the transporter beam in Star Trec...except there's no Scotty. And no Captain Kirk. And no transporter beam. But still...

Like in…

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